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The Retina is the innermost layer of the eyes. Our retina consists of millions of light-sensitive cells and nerve cells that receive and organize visual information. The retina sends this visual information to our brain through the optic nerve, allowing us to see.

In simple terms, the retina helps to see things around us more clearly, and any problem with the retina impairs your primary visual ability.

AN has the best retina specialist in MP for different types of retinal treatment. Our experienced retina specialist doctor conducts retinal treatment for a host of retinal conditions and diseases such as:

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Retina is the photosensitive inner lining of the eye (similar to the photographic film of a camera). When light enters the eye the image is first formed on the retina and then sent to the brain via the Optic Nerve

It is recommended that people with high numbers, all diabetics and people > 40 years of age get the retina checked at least once a year.

The most common symptoms of retinal disease experienced by our patients include floaters and flashes, peripheral shadows, sudden loss of vision, or blurry/distorted vision.

Yes, there are various methods for treating retinal detachment. However, it is crucial to obtain treatment immediately after experiencing symptoms of this problem. Failing to do so could result in major vision problems or blindness.

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